About Crystal

I grew up in rural Missouri, married an Idaho guy, and find myself in the suburbs of Boise with five kids.  I consider myself an average woman by most standards.  Life is not always perfect, but I definitely have my fair share of good fortune and blessings.

I graduated with an English degree and had big plans to become a librarian. Instead, I decided to have a lot of kids and be a stay-at-home parent.  I’m working on adding “writer,” “artist,” and “lifelong learning specialist” to my list of titles.

This blog* was started after I realized that, despite the stagnancy that often comes with stay-at-home-momming, I could combine my love of reading with my love of writing and explore an entire universe of learning that has made me immeasurably happy.

I feel like the personal growth niche (I know, it’s huge) is mostly dominated by guys.  This blog has an intentionally girly edge.  However, it doesn’t really matter what your gender or job is, just come hang out.  I’m nice.

I like a lot of things: playing board games, talking with my friends, going for walks, drawing and painting, singing, growing tomatoes, eating tomatoes, giving tomatoes away, getting checks in the mail, going to the library, eating burritos, hearing jokes, listening to music with my headphones and totally zoning out, making lists, reading books, and writing in fresh new notebooks.  I like all of this stuff, too.

I created this site to document my own projects, showcase inspiration from other sources, share my lessons learned, and inspire readers to start their own projects.  


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* I vowed I would never become a “mommy blogger,” but I am a “mommy” and this is a blog, so . . . that’s something I’ll have to come to terms with eventually.


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